Amir Zen

Amir Zen is the founder, CEO, and product formulation scientist of Spekr. Throughout his life, Amir has been dedicated to the pursuit and optimization of health. His passion for health optimization began at the young age of 5, when he started practicing martial arts in his birthplace of California. Today, he continues to embrace this discipline, incorporating various martial arts styles into his routine. During his early training, Amir discovered the principles of self-defense, meditation, and breathwork, which became the foundation of his lifelong journey towards optimal health.

Throughout his teenage years, while engaging in various physical activities such as martial arts, BMX, bodybuilding, and other sports, Amir frequently experienced chronic injuries. As a determined athlete, he persistently sought ways to keep going despite his high levels of pain. This constant struggle with pain ultimately inspired him to start developing solutions to address his own pain and the accumulated injuries over the years. Years later, Amir eventually channeled his experiences into the foundation of Spekr, aiming to help others overcome similar challenges.

While attending college at UCLA, Amir's health journey soared to new levels as he integrated a variety of fitness styles he had mastered over the years, along with newly acquired disciplines like yoga and calisthenics, all of which he still practices today. During this transformative period, he discovered the powerful connection between the cannabis plant, disease prevention, and overall human health—a revelation that would significantly impact his future career trajectory. The cannabis plant played a crucial role in helping Amir overcome the chronic pains he had endured for much of his life, resulting from exercise-induced stress and injuries.

In this period, Amir realized that many modern health practices were based on falsehoods that did not yield genuinely healthy outcomes.

Driven by a quest to achieve the highest levels of health humanly possible and to uncover the truth, Amir meticulously examined and researched the ingredient lists of the foods and supplements he consumed with great care and attention. This thorough examination led to the epiphany that he was capable of creating these products himself.

Throughout his 20s, Amir devoted himself to perfecting not only his own health, but also to mastering the art of formulating healthy ingredient lists for a wide range of natural products. His impressive portfolio boasts a diverse array of formulations, spanning from cannabis products and workout supplements to foods, desserts, and cosmetics.

Throughout his career, Amir has empowered thousands of individuals to reclaim control over their health, even in cases of seemingly "incurable" diseases. His approach is centered around utilizing natural ingredients and lifestyle practices, as he firmly believes that the body has the innate ability to heal itself when provided with the right resources.

Driven by this knowledge and experience, Amir founded Spekr in 2018 with the ambitious goal of sharing his experiences and principles of true natural health optimization with the world.

Amir's experience and education are the driving force behind Spekr, a platform that he created to share his knowledge and passion for natural health and wellness. The product line offered by Spekr and formulated by Amir reflects his commitment to using science-backed natural ingredients that promote optimal health, and the Spekr Library is an invaluable free educational resource that he provides to further support individuals on their journey towards better health. Through these efforts, Amir has created a platform that not only delivers effective health solutions but also educates and empowers individuals to take control of their own wellbeing.

As a testament to his dedication, Amir continually self-experiments with his theories on health optimization, curing disease, and longevity. His natural approach incorporates diet, natural ingredients, breathwork, meditation, and a diverse range of fitness styles, such as calisthenics, yoga, and martial arts.

Amir holds the conviction that nature has already provided us with all the necessary resources we need for optimal health, curing disease, and longevity, and attempting to create lab-made ingredients that imitate time-tested, ancient ingredients and practices is highly problematic.

Amir firmly believes that education should be free and easily accessible for everyone, especially when it comes to complex topics that require expertise to understand, such as studies on ingredients, health, and lifestyle. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive resource to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health, Amir created the Spekr Library. This platform offers straightforward summaries of specialized, in-depth studies, making the information easily digestible and accessible to all for free.