Scientific Review Reveals Promising Health Benefits of Structured Water

Scientific Review Reveals Promising Health Benefits of Structured Water

This 2021 scientific review focuses on the effects of structured water when it is consumed on a daily basis. Structured water is liquid water that is altered in its hydrogen bonding structure through the use of various forms of energy, such as magnetic fields and light. The review discussed various studies conducted on a range of organisms including laboratory animals, farm animals, horses, and humans.

Structured water has been the subject of numerous scientific studies over the past two decades. These studies have explored the potential benefits of consuming structured water compared to regular water. The results have been promising, showing that structured water consumption can lead to a wide range of benefits in animals and potentially in humans. This is a unique review as it is one of the few that have looked into the effects of structured water consumption in detail.

Studies have found that drinking structured water can have positive effects on various aspects of health in animals. These effects include improved growth, increased egg mass, milk yield, and carcass mass, as well as improved reproductive performance. Structured water has also been shown to improve blood lipid and glycemic profiles, reduce markers of oxidative stress, and improve semen and sperm quality. Animals that consumed structured water for one month or more saw these benefits, including increased growth and improved overall health markers.

This scientific review on structured water mentions a few studies that explored its effects on human health. Two of these studies found that structured water had positive effects on oral health in children, with results similar to a common mouthwash. Another study saw resolution of a parasitic condition in children after consuming structured water.

The magnetic field strengths used to treat the water vary from 500 to 32,400 G, with the duration of treatment ranging from seconds to 72 hours. The optimal range of magnetic field strength found to be most effective in generating structured water capable of conferring beneficial effects is 1,000 to 3,000 G. It's important to note that excessive treatment with field strengths greater than 5,000 G may result in detrimental effects. The exact mechanisms of how structured water affects biological systems are still unknown, but it is believed that the altered water structuring around proteins and membranes plays a role.

In conclusion, the scientific research on structured water has been extensive and has shown promising results in its effects on animals. However, future research is needed to determine the optimal treatment conditions for specific biological outcomes and to determine the safety of consuming structured water over the long term. The potential for structured water to improve growth, reduce oxidative stress, and improve health markers in animals is exciting and worth exploring further.

Study Title: Structured water: effects on animals
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